Saeed Returns

Tuesday, 5th January 2010

Saeed's 5 week vacation is now over and he returned to us today. Welcome back!

Content Management Goes Live

Thursday, 31st December 2009

Finaly got the new CMS alive and kicking on my own site.

New UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Server Deployed

Monday, 28th December 2009

The production of a website is done in various steps before final deployment to the production webservers. This stage is the final staging area where the production version of the website is shown prior to deployment on the production webserver.

This server is able to serve up static HTML sites and dymanic ones for both Linux and Windows based websites, it talks to both Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases and sites written in PHP, ASP and ASP.NET (for which I write in C# within Visual Studio 2008).

Max leaves us

Friday, 11th December 2009

Max, a contractor brought in to assist us with out current MVC web application, left today.

Pages added into the 'Machines' and 'Art & Imagery' sections.

Saturday, 21st November 2009

I have just added a more stuff into the Machines and Art & Imagery sections. In the Machines section I have added pages for the B-52 Stratofortress and the B-2 Spirit.

In the Art & Imagery section there are now articles on Salvador Dali.

Saeed leaves us, well almost!

Friday, 20th November 2009

It was Saeed's last today so we had a farewell meal at Zizi's. Saeed is a contractor with us mainly to cover legacy VB6 stuff and although he was employed as a stop-gap, he has been with us for about 22 months! Even though I had been on leave for 3 days, I went in to say goodbye. He has been an extremely valuable member of the team and his skills will be missed.

He is off to Pakistan on Sunday for 5 weeks and just before we left, I asked him if he has a contract sorted out for his return. He replied that he had. I then asked him where that would be and he told me it was with us!

So, not gone then, just a 5 week break - nice!

Hardware issue resolved - well, sort of.

Wednesday, 18th November 2009

Fixed the scanner issue - well sort of!

I installed a virtual XP 32 bit machine using VMWare and it can see the scanner so no need to buy a new one.

First hardware issue with Windows 7.

Monday, 16th November 2009

Hardware casualty number 1 - my old Canon scanner will not work with Windows 7 in either 32 or 64 bit mode. Bit of a nuisance but it is about 6 years old anyway so it was probably about time to retire it. Will have to look for a new one now.

Installation of 64 bit Windows 7 on my main development machine.

Sunday, 15th November 2009

I rebuilt my main development machine again this morning. I installed Windows 7 32 bit a couple of weeks ago and was very inpressed. It performs exactly as it should, all my software ran and all of the hardware was recognised. One small issue though is that I have 8Gb of ram and the 32 bit version can only use 4Gb of it.

Solution: Install the 64 bit version (I have a 64 bit machine.) Perfect, I now have 8Gb of ram which makes Photoshop CS4 very happy and it even drives my old Dell laser printer which 64 bit Server 2003 R2 would not.

Additional entries in the 'Machines' and 'Structures' sections.

Saturday, 14th November 2009

I have just added a lot more stuff into the "Machines" and "Structures" sections. In the Machines section I have added pages for the Hawker Siddely Harrier, Gloster Meteor, Vickers Valiant and the Handley Page Victor.

In the Structures section there are now articles on the Eiffel Tower, Selfridges Building in Birmingham, Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Guggenheim Balbao and the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

I have also that it is about time I made these front page announcements a bit more stylised so here it is in the new current look. These have been implemented using JQuery-UI which I intend to use to fully style the site and them use random UI stylesheets on a daily basis.

Sola's last day.

Friday, 13th November 2009

On Wednesday 11th November 2009, Sola (one of our development team leads), gave a months notice feeling that as a fully certified Microsoft Systems Architect his skills were being devalued in the role he was performing. This was not however the way it worked out and today he left under a bit of a cloud. I will miss him and his input and must thank him for pointing me in the direction of the MVC pattern which we will now be using in our ASP.NET projects in the future. Good luck Sola!

Upgrades to site with the addition of JQuery.

Monday, 12th October 2009

Having implemented quite a few websites now using JQuery, I thought it was about time I started on my own one. Again, this is not relevant if you aren't involved in this sort of thing. Much of this is currently behind the scenes but I will be using more of it in the layout in the near future.

Dawn's trip to Finland

Monday, 24th August 2009

Dawn has just returned from a 5 day trip to Finland for Tuija's birthday. Click here for the pictures.

Implementing AJAX within the website.

Saturday, 18th April 2009

This morning I re-wrote the gallery scripts to do their paging via Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML). This may not mean a lot to most people but to those in the know will appreciate that it is a step forward. Obviously this does require Javascript to be running on the browser but these days that is virtually guaranteed anyway.

Day out to Brands Hatch for a race day.

Thursday, 26th March 2009

Yesterday (25/03/2009), I was whisked away for a suprise 50th birthday treat. Click here for more info.

My 50th Birthday in Paris

Tuesday, 24th March 2009

Dawn and I have just returned from a 4 day trip to Paris to celebrate my 50th birthday. Click here for more info.