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My XJR1300

What do we with it then. Well various things had to be done straight away - the number plate had to be smaller and an oil cooler cover fitted. "I know", I thought, "I'll fit the cover from the 1200". No you won't, the oil cooler on the 1300 is about 2" wider - best you buy another one from Scorpion. So £59 lighter and we can fit the cover (anyone want one for a 1200, one careful owner, low mileage...). Small black tank-protector fitted but what do we do about those silencers, they sound like a kitten farting about 3 streets away. The big problem is that I like the look of them and, after spending about £7500 on bikes in the last 14 months, another £600-£800 on a good 4-2 system may be taking the piss (epecially as I have yet to finish the bathroom I started 9 years ago - oh, and more importantly, I'd probably have to take the centre-stand off). Enter the talents of Dieter Kunkel. He is a bit of an XJR nutter as well as a damn good engineer. He provides all the necessary to remove the baffles from the 3rd chamber and give it 30mm outputs instead of the normal 18mm. It doesn't make it loud, just a reassuring bass sound to remind you that it is a big lump after all!. Because of this and the fact that it still has all of it's "E" stamps, MOTs won't be a problem. At what cost you ask, well including postage and £14 for my bank to transfer money to Germany, about £60 which included the parts to return it to standard should you so desire. The wheels were next, I had the centres done gloss black with polished rims by a local company for £100 all in. I've just had to rewire the front of the bike to fit twin "Bates" style headlights and have just ordered some chrome "Superbike" bars and a nice set of stainless bar-end weights to go with them.

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