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1984 Granada 2.8 Injection

These cars were built as a very limited edition. As standard they came with certain fittings - 5 speed manual transmission, Recaro seats, colour-coded bumpers, X pack suspension, white pearlescant wheels and the option of a limited-slip differential. Any other Ford option was also available. Interior trim was standard GL level but was obviously higher due to optional extras. Some came with trip computers and some without. My car hasn't got the trip computer but it has an electric sunroof, all four electric windows and air-conditioning as well as the optional limited-slip diff. When we move into 'hens teeth' territory, this is about as good as it gets - not only is it very rare, but you can actually use one with a moderate return on fuel consumption due to the 0.83 top gear. Obviously, round town with a heavy right foot it cannot return more than 18-20mpg, but sit it on a motorway at 70-80 mph and it will return 30-35mpg - not bad for a 2.8 litre engined car pushing nearly 1.5 tons.

1984 2.8 Injection - image0087.jpg
1984 2.8 Injection - image0088.jpg
1984 2.8 Injection - image0089.jpg
1984 2.8 Injection - image0090.jpg
1984 2.8 Injection - image0091.jpg
1984 2.8 Injection - image0092.jpg
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