Mechanical Stuff

It does not take too much working out that I have a certain fondness for all things mechanical. I'm sure this all started at an early age messing about with Meccano. This then evolved into push-bikes, motorbikes and then cars. The bulk of my education also had a large engineering leaning and so that is obviously where this interest comes from.

This section of the website tries to break these areas into groups which can flow off of each other but I have had major issues in getting the categories sorted out correctly to make for meaningful navigation. Take the Saturn V rocket for example, currently it is in the 'Engines' section because that's where I started from but it is an entire machine in it's own right (the F1 & J2 rocket motors are the engines not the Saturn V.)

For this reason (along with many others), the look and feel of this section will be in a constant state of flux until I can sort all of this out.

For now, just click on the items on the left and see where they get you.