211 - F-BVFD

F-BVFD - aircraft number 211
Current registrationF-BVFD
Manufacturer's Serial Number100 -011
Production Variant Number101
Maiden Flight10th February 1977 : Toulouse, France
Air France Delivery26th March 1977
Registration history First Registered as F-BVFD to Air France
12th January 1979 aircraft re-registered as N94FD by Air France / Braniff Airways
1st June 1980 aircraft re-registered as F-BVFD by Air France
Last Ever FlightMay 27th 1982
Hours Flown5,814 Hrs
Supersonic Cycles1,807
Current Useage Withdrawn from use and stored when the Paris-Dakar-Rio route was closed down and Air France had surplus aircraft.
Fox-Delta was chosen as it was the aircraft that had had its airframe repaired after suffered a heavy landing in Dakar 5 years previously, in November1977 (the landing was at 14 feet per second against the standard 10 fps limit and caused the rear tail bumper wheel to be crushed.)
It was later broken up in 1994, at Charles de Gaulle, Paris, France. After being out of service for 12 years it had suffered serious corrosion.
The nose assembly was sold to a rich American on 16 March 1995 for FF300,000 (~€45,730). The rest of the fuselage was moved to Dugny, close to the taxiways at Le Bourget.